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Script and Story Consulting

Script and Story Consulting


Hourly Fee: $225

Phone Consultation: $225 per hour



Script Evaluation: $400
Read script and report on marketability, strengths and weaknesses, and a recommendation on viability to proceed. A good first step before committing to the overview packages.


Story Consultation: $500
Analysis of story, characters, and theme for multiple story ideas. Marketability consultation for each idea with guidance on ranking the potential and viability of each concept.


Script Overview Package with Script Notes: $1500
Written report plus detailed script notes to reinforce the written report.

OR, in lieu of report, a 60-90 minute phone call.

Script notes include suggestions for condensing or cuts in scenes, improving transitions, increasing clarity of dialogue, character development, scene transitions and story changes.

(For a more thorough version, SEE BELOW: Annotated Script $2500)


Re-Read Script After Rewrite: $500
Re-read the rewrite and provide polish notes


Script Integration: $2500
Integrate two separate drafts of scripts. This service includes cutting and pasting and re-structuring two different drafts to create one best recommended version.


Annotated Script Package: $2500
A 10 -15-page report with additional notes showing how to apply the report to the rewrite. Detailed explanation in notes and actual cuts are recommended for the script, dialogue changes, plus concepts to consider for the rewrite.


Script Consultation from Early Draft into Production: $5000
Consultation on treatment and outlines, script breakdown, with priority status and availability through first week of production. Includes up to five additional reads with polish notes.


Production Consulting: $7500
For consulting on script up to five drafts, and availability in pre-production, production and post-production. Includes five additional reads with polish notes.



  • Series Bible $250
  • Sit-com Scripts $750 – includes a series bible of up to 10 pages
  • Dramatic Series Scripts $1000 – includes a series bible of up to 10 pages


Theater and Television Production: $500
Attending staged reading, taking notes, one consultation meeting.


Extra Pages: For scripts over 125 pages, add $5 per page

Rush: Add $100 extra to all fees for RUSH, per prior agreement.

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