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Blue Stage

Where are you on the big blue stage?

Blue Stage Group consultancy was named for our blue planet and founded to create social impact. We continue this today in the conscious media space by writing stories, books, articles and TV/film/theater scripts that show the relationship of science with all the facets we are as total human beings of mind, body and spirit. Beyond media writing, our seminars and retreats offer you the chance to study and explore these topics through writing, acting, film-making and various forms of creative expression and performing arts. Sessions are offered for both the general public and professionals in the arts. No prior experience or level of understanding is required. We all co-learn together as a group. We encourage group learning experiences, but simply ask if you prefer private sessions.



Energy Healing, Wellness, Mindfulness Meditation

Reiki sessions, Reiki certification training, meditation and mindfulness guidance are offered as stand alone practices, but are often integrated with other areas of our work. Reiki is also offered for patient and family support in healthcare, such as during surgery or rehab, oncology settings and hospice care. Meditation and personal growth study groups.


Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching

Individual coaching to help you tap your inner personal power to set, achieve and maintain health and wellness goals. Health coaching integrates with all forms of care to aid you in achieving optimal levels of health and well-being.


Script and Story Consulting

Services are provided to artists, writers, filmmakers and other entertainment and creative professionals desiring to accurately depict science-mind-body-spirit experiences in dynamic successful storytelling. Further, we offer workshop opportunities to learn, practice and perfect your craft.

Full menu: Script Consulting Rates


Nonprofits & Social Enterprises

The Standards for Excellence Institute is a national initiative established to promote the highest standards of ethics, effectiveness, and accountability in nonprofit governance, management and operations, and to help all nonprofit organizations meet high benchmarks.


Mentoring services guide your nonprofit organization through the certification process to support you in attaining a higher level of ethics and accountability in your internal processes and external interactions. Individualized coaching and training along the way eases the path to accreditation and all the rewards it brings. Research shows that organizations can expect to increase their resource and revenue generation in the year following accreditation as a result of increased public trust and a strengthened capacity to meet the stated purpose of the organization.

Seminars, Retreats and Webinars

Offered for any individual or group interested in exploring personal growth and/or integrative wellness through creative expressions of writing, performing, energy healing or meditation. Ask about custom created retreats and seminars tailored to your needs.

Thank you to the following institutions and organizations for providing my education and study opportunities:


​Duke University

Ubiquity University

University of North Carolina

Gotham Writers Workshop

Thomas Hubl, Ph.D.

IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences)

Dustin Hoffman - Acting MasterClass

James Patterson - Writing MasterClass

Aaron Sorkin - Screenwriting MasterClass


Phoenix Reiki & Wellness

Standards for Excellence Institute®

Teaching Skills Institute®

National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE)


The Rhine Research Center





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