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Ask for it! It's Your Healthcare Right

You have options with your healthcare. Ask for them! As a Reiki Master and Health Coach, I help people tap their inner personal power to reach more optimal levels of health and well-being. Central to that is understanding you can now actively participate more fully than ever before and increase your quality of care. In my case, I simplified my colonoscopy, reduced my stress and saved healthcare costs by asking for a different type of procedure.

Your health should be centered on you and not a one way, top down talk from your doctor. Research shows overwhelmingly that when we are guided by a professionally trained health coach, we can improve our outcomes by as much as 70% as compared to the traditional model of "following orders" from our doctors. If someone is telling you what to do, that's not health coaching. It's all about tapping your inner power and readiness and helping you create the tools you need to succeed. I practice Reiki and health coaching at offices in the Baltimore area or at client locations in person and virtually.

More of the story with video via this link to the Baltimore Sun:

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