Cynthia Bledsoe, CRMT, CEOLS

Through expression in the healing, creative, and performing arts, I write, educate, and promote well-being and conscious evolution through healing and storytelling that integrate science, mind, body and spirit to help people and the planet achieve higher states of harmony, health and well-being. The choice we each make to do this embraces a conscious evolution of the human species and the planet. As an Evolutionary Ambassador, along with other leaders around the planet, I uphold the legacy of Barbara Marx Hubbard and commit to expanding her work through specific action initiatives for the good of all.

Well-being for Individuals

Individual sessions and group workshops:

      - Reiki therapy & certification classes

      - Meditation & personal development study groups

      - Reiki in healthcare settings, end of life care

      - Performing arts coaching to tap creative expression

      - Integrative health coaching

      - Guided wellness writing

      - Consciousness studies

      - Mindfulness

Conscious Media Producer, Writer, Script Consultant, Developmental Dramaturg

Topical expert on various subject matters.

Accurate integration and authenticity of science, mind, body, spirit story lines and elements for TV, film, theater, books.

Theater journalist, reviewer, dramatist.

Well-being for Organizations       

Nonprofit and Social Enterprise

Standards for Excellence® Licensed Consultant for ethics and accountability in the nonprofit sector. Accreditation training and consulting.


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Conscious Evolution Summit

FREE online event

Sept 20 - Oct 3

Click image to register for the FREE online summit.

Writing Prompts & Thought Starters

Barbara Marx Hubbard on conscious evolution, synergistic social innovations, and the wheel of co-creation.

James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy, discusses our return to authenticity and the honesty of synchronicity. 

Dean Radin, PhD (Psychology, University of Illinois and Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences), discusses quantum mechanics in "Entangled Minds and Beyond," providing research insights into mind-to-mind and mind-matter interactions.

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